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Young woman sat in front of a crumbling brick wall
12 September 2017
In Oxfordshire, most young people are stay in learning until they are 18 at school, college or in an apprenticeship. But if you're not in learning (NIL) or not in employment education or training (NEET) act now to get support.
Adviser with young person
6 September 2017
Not in education, employment or training, or at risk of dropping out? There are drop-in sessions and support workers who can make sure that you get the help you need, wherever you are in Oxfordshire!
31 August 2017
Scott Kelly, who is a retired astronaut will be coming to Oxford to speak to you!
22 August 2017
Did you not get the results that you needed to get into Sixth Form or College? Don’t worry EMBS are here to help you.
Social Media Apprentice Natasha
17 August 2017
On the approach to results day, Natasha, who is a social media apprentice with the Oxme website, ran an online chat about apprenticeship opportunities and her experience as an apprentice.


21 Sep
Come along to the Flying Atoms interactive show and enjoy the basic principles of physics come to life!
30 Sep
Are you a Scalextric fan? Come along to the Robot Cars workshop and get the chance to create your very own Robot Car!
30 Sep
Looking for work? If you think you would be interested in working at Millets Farm, our recruitment morning is a great chance to meet some of the teams here on site!
14 Oct
Come along to the Ace Training Open Morning and take a look at the exciting opportunities that a career in construction has to offer you!
23 Oct
Come along to this exciting Halloween special!