About this site

The website oxme.info is Oxfordshire County Council's website for young people and includes information about opportunities, activities and services for children and young people in Oxfordshire

The oxme.info website was created in 2015 from the websites Boombox and Oxcentric, in consultation with local young people.

Oxfordshire County Council Early Intervention Service and Public Health funded the redesign, with support from young people in Oxfordshire Youth Parliament .

The aim of this site is to promote and support youth education, and not merely for academic subjects we learn in school. Topics such as internet safety and after-school clubs on this site will help ensure a self-sufficient future and a sustainable environment for Oxfordshire’s Youth and visiting families. The site simply is a map for young individuals to uncover where they aspire to be in years to come and find out how to get there. By joining activities, finding opportunities or even just by reading the site’s information, you can develop skills to apply in the future. - Kiara Konishi, Work Experience Student oxme.info

If you want to tell us about news, an update, information or anything, you can contact oxme.info at:


Oxfordshire County Council Youth Engagement and Opportunities County Hall 3rd Floor New Road Oxford OX1 1ND

Telephone number: 01865 328460

You can see all the pages on the oxme.info website on our Site Map.

Promote the site

This website oxme.info and its sister site www.activitiesoxfordshire.info are for young people aged up to 19 (25 with learning difficulties and disabilities). There is enhanced information for young people aged 13-19 to support their move from learning to employment.

If you are working with young people in or near Oxfordshire, we are happy to help you promote oxme.info:

Join the team

Oxme.info takes regular work experience students and young volunteers. These roles are open to young people from Oxfordshire only, and may be arranged with your school as your work experience week. In addition, we recruit young people to:

  • Test new content and features
  • Fill in surveys and answer consultations
  • Discuss how to improve the website

If you are interested in getting involved, please fill in the form.

The history of oxme.info

Oxfordshire County Council originally had several different websites for young people in Oxfordshire. These included Spired.com, Connexions Oxfordshire, and Big Voice Oxfordshire. There was also a book called the Oxfordshire Young People's Survival Guide. In 2012 these were combined to create a single website, oxme.info, which was divided into Boombox (for young people aged 8-12) and Oxcentric (for young people aged 13-19, or up to 25 if they have learning difficulties or disabilities (LDD)).

In 2014 as a result of consultations with young people and staff we redesigned the oxme.info websites.

We have:

  • Combined the two websites into one website for all ages
  • Refreshed and improved health information
  • Simplified the design

Read the oxme.info you said: we did report from the consultation.

At the same time, content was checked and improved, and old content was retired. If you are looking for content and no longer able to find it, please contact us by clicking on Live Chat on any page or emailing oxme@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Web Chat

On all pages on this site you can click on the Live Chat button during opening hours (10am-4pm Mon-Fri) to chat online to one of the oxme.info chat team. These are workers who can help you find more information about activities, opportunities and services for young people in Oxfordshire. Outside hours you can leave us a message and we will reply to you the next working day.

Web chat is confidential:

  • All online chat is recorded.
  • We will ask you who you are and where you are calling from, so we can advise you better.
  • Chat is always confidential unless you want us to talk to somebody for you, or you are in danger.

You will see our full confidentiality statement whenever you start a chat with us.

Do it online

These services are available from this website:

Advertise an opportunity

This website is part of the Education, Employment and Training Team. We work to encourage all young people in Oxfordshire to remain in learning until aged 18, and progress successfully into employment, higher education or training at the right time for them. We also encourage young people in Oxfordshire aged 13-19 (up to 25 with learning difficulties and disabilities) to take part in regular, organised leisure-time activities as this supports their successful development. We also provide information and guidance to young people in Oxfordshire about health, including mental health, personal safety, peer support and more. We will:

  • Promote, list and advertise any job, learning, training, or apprenticeship opportunities directly to young people in Oxfordshire who are seeking work and training, and their supporting adults. Email opportunities@oxfordshire.gov.uk with your advert/a link to the opportunity.
  • Promote, list and advertise any positive leisure time activities for young people in oxfordshire aged 13-19 (up to 25 with learning difficulties and disabilities). Email activitiesoxfordshire@oxfordshire.gov.uk  or find out more and get listed at www.activitiesoxfordshire.info
  • Promote any other initiative, project, organisation or action locally which supports, develops or celebrates Oxfordshire's young people. Contact oxme@oxfordshire.gov.uk or send us a press release.

There is no charge for any of these services. 

Comments and questions

If you have any comments to make about the site or questions about the content you can leave a comment at the bottom of any page. We need to check all comments before they are published, so there will be a delay before your comment is published.

Updates and changes

Please request any updates and changes by filling in the form. Please give as much detail as possible. You will need to know the title of the page that needs updating.

Retired content

Content on this website is reviewed regularly for currency and relevance and old or unused content is retired. This may include news, old events, participation and consultation reports, information about services that is no longer current, and parts of the website that were not used. If you are looking for content and unable to find it please email oxme@oxfordshire.gov.uk