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Bringing together young people in care to improve how you are looked after
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The Children in Care Council (CiCC) is a group of children and young people with experience of being in care. They help improve how children are cared for in Oxfordshire. There are Chairs, Deputies and Ambassadors who drive forward the agenda.

The CiCC helps make sure Oxfordshire County Council lives up to the promises it made to look after children and young people in care, as best as they can. This is called ‘Corporate Parenting’, and there is a Corporate Parenting Panel which works with the Children in Care Council to make sure adults hear what children and young people are saying and do something about it.

The CiCC has four main meetings a year with Senior Officers so major issues can be discussed. There is also a proposal to hold sub groups in Children and Family Centres, children's homes and other settings, to make sure everyone has a voice. CiCC members also participate in a number of events and conferences too to promote their cause.  CiCC members hold bi-monthly sessions for new members, so they don’t feel anxious about coming to main meetings or about being involved.

Instant Expert: You can find out more about the Children in Care Council does from the CiCC's Spring 2018 newsletter and the CiCC Achievements 2017.

Being a member of the CiCC

Any child or young person who is in care or leaving care can join the CiCC. You should be enthusiastic and passionate about helping improve the system for all and try to attend our main meetings, which are informal, relaxed and fun.

We chat about issues which are important to you at the meetings. So we could ask about your education, or if you feel safe but we will never put you on the spot! It’s your chance to speak up about your rights. We promise to listen to you, take you seriously and feedback to you on what has happened as a result.

Being a member is voluntary but you get a Certificate of Involvement, an AQA in 'Engaging in Group Discussion', and a whole lot of new skills and useful experiences that could help with gaining a place at college, university, or an apprenticeship.

You are also offered chances to be involved in many other projects such as interviewing people for jobs or national projects which help children and young people in care.

Take action: If you want to join the CiCC then you should contact James Collins on 07803 287813 or

About the meetings

Before you attend a meeting, you will always have a pre-meeting so you can get to know us. Meetings include meals and breaks, and are friendly and positive. This is your opportunity to make a real difference!

If you have any questions about the meetings, please contact James Collins on 07803 287813 or

Our achievements

Among the achievements of the CiCC so far, we have:

Our CiCC Chairs monitor how Oxfordshire County Council is performing against the pledge.

Find out more: Read the CiCC Achievements 2017.

How to apply

Any child or young person who is in care or leaving care can join the CiCC, and help make a real difference for Children in Care in Oxfordshire. If you're interested in joining the Children in Care Council please contact:

James Collins on 07803 287813, or email

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