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Thank you for visiting the Didcot Early Intervention Hub Facebook page. Services are continuing in the new Didcot Children & Family Centre. You can contact the Centre on 01865 328480 or DidcotFST@oxfordshire.gov.uk
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Oxfordshire County Council is changing the way that it deliveries children's services from the 1st March 2017. New services are being developed alongside partner agencies.


Our new service will combine services currently offered by Children's Social Care, Early Intervention Hubs and Children's Centres, into one joined-up service for children and families, based in eight Children and Family Centres across Oxfordshire.


You can find out more about our new service here.


Depending on your centre, changes may have already taken place or will take place from the 1st March 2017. If you are a regular service user you will have been advised of the changes at your local centre.


On the 1st March the current services delivered from this site will change.


This Centre will become Didcot Children and Family Centre. Many of the same services will be available from the new Children and Family Centres but please be aware that as a result of building work and staff changes, there may be reduced services and/or closure during February and March.


We look forward to welcoming you to our new service.


Please contact the Children & Family Centre on 01865 328480 or DidcotFST@oxfordshire.gov.uk as this page will shortly be closing.


For a school project I have to produce a campaign. For my campaign we chose to persuade the council to fund more Youth services. We were wondering if we could have some details on how much the council fund you for your service.
Niamh Payne
Didcot Girls School
Year 10

Hi Niamh,

What an interesting choice of campaign! We would be delighted to see your finished work.

Oxfordshire County Council and the District County Councils (yours is South Oxfordshire) provide all sorts of different services for young people in their area. This website and other services like the National Citizen Service, Anti-Bullying Support, support for young people not in employment, education or training (NEET), tracking learning destination and more are provided to children, young people and families in Oxfordshire by a part of Oxfordshire County Council called Youth Engagement and Opportunities, as part of their statutory duties (things a Council has to do, by law). There isn't a separate fund for the website; it's done as part of other work. You can read a little bit about how much money is spent on the Youth Engagement and Opportunities Team in the Proposed New Model for Children's Services in Oxfordshire, a public consultation on the Oxfordshire County Council website - look at the main consultation document, pages 5 and 11. but bear in mind that the money spent on the website is a very small part of that overall figure - less than 1%.

You didn't say what kind of Youth Services you were interested in persuading the council to support. Here is an example of the sorts of services provided by Oxfordshire County Council and of the services provided by your District Council, to help with your research -- you may also be interested in looking at the website of local independent organisations offering Youth Services, like Oxfordshire Youth.

Hope this helps and please feel free to ask further questions!

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