New to Oxfordshire?

Moving can bring many changes to your life. Find out what you need to do if you've moved to Oxfordshire, and how to settle in.
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Oxfordshire is an exciting place to live as a young person. It's home to a diverse, mobile, and growing population. There are lots of things to do, and different ways to learn and get employment.

Take Action: Watch this video to find out how some young people deal with moving home.

New in town? -

What you need to do if you've moved to Oxfordshire

Apply for a school place

If you're under 16, or under 18 and want to attend a school-based 6th form, you'll need your parents to apply for an in-year transfer to school on the Oxfordshire County Council website.

The website has details of area Secondary schools, and about transport to school.

If you're 16-18, you need to be in education, employment, or training. You might like to go to college, a UTC or Studio School, or get an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Register with us

Oxfordshire County Council keeps information about all young people. This is to help us help you better. Register and help us keep your information up to date.

Find things to do

Having things to do will help you settle in to your new home and make friends. There's something for everyone, and moving is a good time to try something new, or to find a place to do familiar activity you enjoy.

Activities Oxfordshire lists activities for young people aged 14-19 (up to 25 with SEND). You can find clubs and youth groups; sport and leisure; arts, dance, and theatre; and much more!

Make Friends

Making friends isn't always easy. If you find it difficult, here are some tips from Childline to help.

Why do people move to Oxfordshire?

Oxfordshire has a diverse and mobile population. This means that lots of people move to the county from all over the UK and the world. Here are some reasons why people choose to move to Oxfordshire:


Many people move their families to Oxfordshire while they work or study at Oxford University or Oxford Brookes University.

Armed Forces

Oxfordshire has a large military presence with more than 8,500 military personnel and almost 5,000 family members living and working in the county. RAF Brize Norton is the largest station of the Royal Air Force in the UK.

Science and Technology

Oxfordshire is home to a huge variety of science and technology companies, many of them based near Didcot in the South of the county.

Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Asylum seekers and refugees can come to Oxfordshire with their families, and sometimes young refugees come alone. Learn more about local support for young asylum seekers and refugees.

Make new people feel at home

If you've lived in your area for a while, you can help someone new to your area or school by welcoming them.

You can:

  • Smile and be friendly
  • Ask them about themselves
  • Invite them to try a club or sport you like
  • Show them around and introduce them to people
  • Be open minded about differences

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