Oxfordshire Children and Young People’s Plan

Oxfordshire County Council has made a plan to make Oxfordshire the best place for children and young people to grow up.
Pictures of children and young people

In Oxfordshire County Council, The Children's Trust wants to help young people have a place where life is good, and they feel safe. The Trust wants children and young people to achieve the most they can through skills, confidence, and opportunities.

The Children and Young People’s Plan 2015-18 was written by the Trust together with children, young people and families. The Plan says what services children, young people and families in Oxfordshire can access, and how groups will work together to improve their lives.

Take Action: View the young person's version of The Children and Young People's Plan.

What does the Children's Trust do?

The Trust helps to choose where money should be spent and decides if it is being spent well. It works with different groups in Oxfordshire which care about the well being of children and young people.

The Children’s Trust will measure how things progress. If things are not going well the Trust will look at how to improve them.

Instant Expert: Visit The Children's Trust for more information on their work.

The New Oxfordshire Children and Young People’s Plan

The Oxfordshire Children and Young People’s Plan 1018-2021 will be published later this year.

The plan will have one one Vision and the same Areas of Focus for all children’s services, children and young people, parents and carers.

It will also include a set of ‘Promises’ for the areas we need to improve.

Our Vision

‘Oxfordshire – a great place to grow up and have the opportunity to become everything you want to be’

Areas of Focus

For all children and young people to:

  • Be Successful
  • Be Healthy
  • Be Safe
  • Be Supported 

What do we know about growing up in Oxfordshire?

  • We want Oxfordshire to be a great place for everyone to grow up and be healthy and successful - this is already the case for many, but not for all.
  • We have a growing population that is becoming more diverse.
  • Social deprivation and child poverty still persist in places, but we are all working together to tackle this.
  • Young people in Oxfordshire generally achieve better school results than elsewhere at all levels, but some specific groups still don’t do as well as the national average.
  • There has been an increase in the number of children missing from home or victims of crime (including domestic violence).
  • There has been a significant increase in demand for services, including more people in care than would expected and more young people referred to mental health services.
  • Children and young people are generally healthier than elsewhere, although there are higher levels of obesity, lack of exercise, poor diet, smoking, alcohol and drug use.

The New Children and Young People's plan will be simple and eye-catching and something that everyone can use, display and access.

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