VOXY - Voice of Oxfordshire's Youth

VOXY is the new way young people in Oxfordshire can have their say about the issues that matter the most to them - no matter what group they belong to
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VOXY is the idea of a young person, who decided we need to reach out to more children and young people than we have ever done before, especially the most vulnerable, to hear their views and opinions.

VOXY’s vision is to provide a voice for young people in Oxfordshire to make decisions about matters that affect them, and influence change. 

Take Action: If you're interested in joining VOXY, please contact: Rosie Boyes on:07919 298259 or email at Rosie.Boyes@Oxfordshire.gov.uk

Ten Objectives

The ten objectives for VOXY are:

  1. To give a voice to all children and young people across Oxfordshire
  2. To ensure all young people are included
  3. To make active and positive changes from issues raised by children and young people
  4. To hold public bodies to account
  5. To commit to working with partner organisations to achieve our goals
  6. To influence actions of partner organisations
  7. To be inclusive of existing and new groups
  8. To commit to an equal and democratic process
  9. To promote understanding of young people's and Children’s Rights
  10. To create a safe, open environment for young people to talk freely

Have your say

Work VOXY is doing at the moment includes holding the Children’s Trust to account on delivering its children's plan. We have two members on the board to represent the views of young people in Oxfordshire. 

Most groups which work with children or young people have ways you can get involved in making decisions and shaping the organisation, activity or service. Examples of this are:

  • Youth Forums
  • School Councils
  • Youth Councils

If you are involved in any groups like these, you can still be involved in larger groups like VOXY, which work on a county level.

Getting involved in decision-making is an exciting experience. You can make a real difference. Previous groups in Oxfordshire which have helped shape services and make decisions have included the Oxfordshire Youth Parliament (OYP) and Big Voice Oxfordshire. Here's what one young person involved had to say about her experience with OYP.

Experience:  I have had amazing experiences so far and done things that I had thought were far off dreams. I can't wait to get started implementing my campaign in the New Year and continuing on this amazing journey. - Rowan

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