The Art of Enterprise Business Challenge

Oxford Festival of the Arts
22 February 2016
Teams of secondary-age young people from Oxfordshire are invited to participate in The Art of Enterprise Business Challenge.

Each team of 5-6 young people will produce an art or craft related product that they have made and prepare to sell it as effectively as they can at the Art of Enterprise Fair.

At this Fair, teams will be judged on the success of their campaign from a range of perspectives (product, sales, marketing, sales pitch).

The winning team will have the opportunity to have their product stocked at the Old Fire Station shop over the summer of 2016, alongside ranges of beautiful handcrafted goods produced in Britain.

How to enter

Entry forms must be submitted by Friday 25th March, and a small amount of seed funding will be offered to participating teams. The Art of Enterprise Fair will take place on Monday 27th June.

You can enter through your secondary school or college, or as an independent team.

For more information, and to receive an Entry Form and Starter Pack, emailĀ

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