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9 October 2015
Oxford University Hospitals wants you to take part in our future - whether you are a patient, a carer, live in the area we serve, are a volunteer in our hospitals or work for us.

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust wants you to be part of their future.

  • Anyone aged 16 can become a member.
  • Members should reflect local communities.
  • Membership is free and will give you an opportunity to have a say in the future of your hospitals

What do members do?

You have no obligations as a member, but there are lots of ways of getting involved - from voting for candidates to be on our Council of Governors to taking part in events for members, and from receiving member newsletters to standing as a Governor of the Trust.

You will:

  • Have a say in how we develop our services
  • Be part of the organisation and what we do
  • Help us make our patients' experience the best it can be

Our membership scheme means that you can find out more about our services and plans for the future and can get involved.

Take action: Find out more and sign up to a member.

Who can join?

We aim to recruit and develop a membership which fairly represents people living in the communities served by the Trust. This includes patients, former patients, carers and members of the public, particularly in Oxfordshire, but also from further afield including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire.

We also provide a wide range of services for people from further afield in England and Wales and people in this wider area are also invited to play their part in our future by joining as members.

To join you must be 16+.

Sign up.

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