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11 October 2019
Fill in this survey about suicide prevention to help improve services in Oxfordshire for people who may be having suicidal thoughts.

Suicide and self-harm are sensitive topics, but it is important that we talk about them. This survey allows you to express your thoughts and opinions on suicide and self-harm.  Your feedback will help Oxfordshire County Council support local people to recover from suicidal feelings, as well as their the family and friends.

The survey should take no more than 15 minutes to fill in, and you will have an opportunity to say as much as you need to.

If the survey brings up difficult feelings, support and help is available. You can speak to friends, family or your school health nurse, or any of these helplines:

Thank you for filling out the survey as you could help save a life.

Did you know that most people who seek treatment for depression and low mood recover successfully?  In this video, Oxfordshire man Erochsia Joseph speaks out about his experiences of depression and feeling suicidal. He encourages others to speak out about their own suicidal thoughts, and shares what helped him through his darkest times.

Erochsia's story - World Suicide Prevention Day

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