NCS Autumn Programme - Are you ready?

20 August 2018
If you are aged 16-17 and live in Oxfordshire, why not take part in this year's Autumn programme?

What is NCS?

The NCS is a programme designed to help young people build skills for work and life, take on new challenges, meet new people, whilst also having fun. The programme is available to all young people aged 16 – 17 aiming to increase confidence, help connect them with their local communities as well as enhancing their CV. This October there are over 120 spaces available!

Autumn Phases  

Phase 1 - Away Residential

  • Departing Monday 22 October 2018
  • Location: Kilvrough, Woodlands & Yenworthy Outdoor Education Centres
  • Returning Thursday 25 October 2018

Phase 2 – Skills Workshops         

  • Friday 26 October 2018 - Sunday 28 October 2018 (Day time only)
  • Location: Oxford County Hall  

Phase 3 – Social Action    

  • Starts from: Monday 29 October 2018
  • Location: Various venues around Oxfordshire    
  • Complete by: Friday 23 November 2018


  • End of Autumn Graduation celebration event, date TBC

How much will it cost?

To take part in NCS you will never pay more than £50, however, financial assistance is available where needed.



Call: 01865 328200

Sign up: and click on 'sign up', it uses the same forms as the Summer programme, so don't worry if they look familiar.

NCS This Autumn

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