NCS- Programme 1 Kicks Off!

NCS bus ready to go!
16 July 2018
National Citizen Service (NCS) programme 1 kicks off today! 15-17 year olds from Oxfordshire will be starting their 4 week summer programme to gain new skills, create new friendships and have the summer of a liftetime.

NCS participants are on their way to their Phase 1 residential today at PGL in Liddington. Here they will  be staying over at the centre from Monday to Friday and they will be taking part in exciting outdoor activities. This is to get to know each other better and to gain teamwork skills. They will also be learning how to communicate with each other better and gain confidence with each other and their leaders.

They will then be off to their Phase 2 residential in Hill End, Oxford, where they will be taking part in various skills workshops to gain new skills and enhance the skills that they already have. They will be staying over in teepees as well as having a free visit from Domino's!

They will then venture home where they will have the weekend off before starting their Phase 3, social action. This is where they will put their skills and knowledge to good use! Everything that they have learnt will go into creating awareness or raising money for a local cause or charity.

If you fancy having a go at NCS, it's not too late. Register here for your summer of a lifetime:

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