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6 June 2018
Exams are over and next steps beckon - but if you're not sure what you're doing next, help is available from Oxfordshire's CHOICES - Earning and Learning sessions for young people aged 16-20

Oxfordshire County Council's Education, Employment and Training service knows that sometimes it's difficult for young people to find their next steps. That's why we offer weekly CHOICES Earning and Learning Sessions in Oxfordshire's Children and Family Centres, or convenient town centre locations, to provide support to:

  • Young people aged 16-20 or up to 25 with learning difficulties or disabilities (SEND)  or those who are looked after or leaving care (LAC)
  • Those who are not in education employment or training (NEET) or at risk of dropping out

Support available includes access to apprenticeships, job interviews, training, support to re-engage with learning and more.

Drop ins take place weekly, but don't worry if you can't travel to the drop-in. Just call up the worker to arrange an appointment or access email or phone support.

CHOICES Earning and learning drop-ins

  • Abingdon Children and Family Centre, Stratton way OX14 3RG. Tuesday 1pm-3pm - call Tricia on 07393 001023
  • Banbury Children and Family Centre, Hilton Road, OX16 0EF. Thursday 12pm-2pm - call Karyn on 07879 212724 or Petra on 07393 001021
  • Bicester Children and Family Centre, Launton Road, OX26 6DJ. Wednesday 1pm-3pm - call Claire on 07557 082566 or Dinesh on 07917 534213
  • Witney Children and Family Centre, Witan Way, OX28 4YA. Tuesday 1pm-2pm - call Sally on 07393 001026
  • Oxford Central Library, Westgate Centre OX1 1DJ. Thursday 10am-4pm - call Fi on 07584 581172, or Claire on 07557 082566
  • Didcot Children and Family Centre, Park Road, OX11 8QX. Wednesday 1pm-3pm - call David on 07584 481226 or Sabrina on 07827 947288


We know that young people who stay in learning until 18 do better. They get jobs more easily, and are exposed to fewer risks like dangerous substance misuse, crime and exploitation. That's why the EET workers will do all they can to help you engage with learning and find the opportunity that is right for you.

Facts about NEET:

  • Young parents are at a higher risk of becoming NEET... which is why there are supports and benefits to help them stay engaged with learning
  • Young people who are NEET for more than three months are at higher risk of bad outcomes... which is why colleges offer in-year starts and engagement programmes
  • Young people with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) sometimes need more time to find a suitable opportunity ... which is why we offer support up to age 25 
  • Just being NEET once can have a really bad effect on some young people ... which is why we use tools like the Risk of NEET Indicator (RONI) to identify young people while they are still at school for more support and schemes like Back on Track

Our skilled and knowledgeable EET workers can also provide information and guidance to help you solve any problems getting in the way of learning, like caring for someone at home, substance misuse or problems like anxiety or low confidence. They can help you access specialist support and really get things moving.

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