Oxfordshire Science Festival

Oxfordshire Science Festival
25 May 2016
Meet scientists with lively hands-on activities, thought-provoking talks and debates, and inspiring events showcasing science through the arts from 23rd June - 3rd July.

There are great events for all ages running at the Oxfordshire Science Festival, and lots of them are free!

Here's just a small selection of the what's on offer:

Oxford Science Fair –25/26 June, Oxford Town Hall

A large interactive exhibition for a family audience with exciting activities by Oxfordshire scientists.

Oxford Street Science –25/26 June, Cornmarket & Broad Street

A programme of hands-on activities in Oxford City Centre, on Cornmarket street and Broad Street.

Hands-on Health – 2 July, Templars Square Shopping Centre, Cowley

Exciting activities to improve your health and engage with researchers.


Events exploring the frontier between science and other disciplines, including:

  • Dance - Saturday 25 June - A danced lecture and science ceilidh
  • Comedy - Saturday 25 June - A new one-woman show by Oxford Physicist Fran Day
  • Storytelling - Sunday 26 June - Great stories from health practitioners, researchers and patients
  • Board games - Tuesday 28 June - An evening with prolific board game designer, Reiner Knizia
  • Theatre - Thursday 30 June - Explore medicine in Shakespeare’s time with Science Oxford and the Creation Theatre Company
  • Cabaret - Friday 1 July - An ukulele journey with physicist and comedian Helen Arney, about the elements, alongside a series of fun and short presentations and demos by researchers and science communicators

For the full programme of events, visit The Oxfordshire Science Festival Website

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