Stay safe and have fun this summer

Young people at a campsite
12 August 2016
Whether you're hunting Pokémon, hanging out by the river, or just hanging out with friends make sure you make the most of summer in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is a fantastic place to spend summer. There are masses of events, festivals and other fun things to do. Not seeing that? Check out Activities Oxfordshire, our sister website, which is full of fun things to do for young people aged 13+, and the Family Information Service for fun things to do with all the family. 

We've teamed up with Activities Oxfordshire to bring you the most fun you can have in Oxfordshire this summer, along with information about how to stay safe, look after your friends and enjoy yourself.


It can seem like there is a festival every weekend in Oxfordshire! Still to come this year is Towersey, Rewind South, and The Big Feastival, but that's just the big events. Closer to home there will be fun days, park days, play days and more; your opportunity to have some fun in the sun without breaking the bank.

Rivers and waterways

Oxford's rivers, canals and waterways are enormously popular in summer, but it is crucial to take care of yourself and friends when you're having fun near water. Don't forget Oxfordshire's outdoor pools and lidos as well - is there one near you?

Pokémon Go

The big craze of the summer, this new augmented reality app is taking the world by storm. But people are worried that it might lead to having accidents while distracted, getting addicted or spending too much money, or even being targeted by criminals while they are out having fun. Here's our top tips for keeping safe while you're out catching them all!

  • Pokéhunt with friends or family: As well as being able to look out for each other, pokéhunting with friends makes taking down gyms that little bit quicker - and you'll also be able to fill all the gym slots right away, train more easily, warn each other about hard-to-catch pokémon and more.
  • Say where you're going and when you'll be back: Make sure parents and friends know where you are, set an alarm to remind you to head home, and text to say where you are and when you'll be back. Remember the app is a big battery hog, so text before your battery runs out, or carry a battery pack.
  • Avoid dodgy pokéstops and gyms: Most Pokémon locations are proper points of interest and a great opportunity to find out more about your home town, but some are in unsafe locations. Don't chase anything anywhere risky, and don't worry about missing a pokéstop - there will be another along in a minute!
  • Don't spend money: This is game you can play 100% for free, so you can turn off in-app purchases, check your data allowances and avoid any unexpected bills - unless they're on a Psyduck.

If you, or someone in the family is still worried, the NSPCC has made this Pokémon Go guide for parents, which gives more safety information about the newest way to get active this summer.

National Citizen Service

Hundreds of young people aged 16-17 are taking part in the NCS this summer - a four week programme of confidence-building activities, community involvement and adventure. But did you know that the NCS also do an autumn programme? With weekly sessions alongside school or college, this is a great way to get that NCS buzz into the darker months.

Staying healthy through the summer

Summer is a time of adventure, enjoyment and meeting new friends. But sometimes it can be a difficult time, particularly for those worried about exam results, or stressed for other reasons. It is also a time you can feel pressured into risky behaviour, like drinking. Whatever happens make sure you're prepared with good information, and know how to get support, and stay safe

Whatever your plans are for the summer, have fun, enjoy the wonderful weather and have a great time in beautiful Oxfordshire.

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