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21 June 2016
The booklet Stuff for Young People to Do in… Faringdon! makes looking for activities much easier for young people looking for stuff to do in Faringdon

I met the book of activities in Faringdon while I was at my work experience placement with Oxfordshire County Council. I found it really simple to use, it asks questions like why is it important to do activities, and just gives you the answers. Some of the information is given as conversations, which made it kind of relatable, and made it easier to understand and I liked that.

This is what Matthew, one of the young people who put together the booklet, had to say about the project:

The ‘Stuff for young people to do in Faringdon’ booklet was put together by myself and some other young people, acting as Young Activity Auditors under the supervision of Oxfordshire County Council. We were asked to look at the activities available to young people aged 13-19 (up to 25 with learning difficulties and disabilities) in Faringdon, and to produce something to show what we think and what we found.

The aim of the booklet is to tell young people what activities are available in Faringdon, and to encourage them to get more involved. It also looks at the quality, quantity and accessibility of these activities.

We decided to do the booklet in a manga style as we felt it would be more appealing to our target audience. Hope you enjoy it!

Matthew (Young Activity Auditor for Faringdon – aged 18):

MORE ABOUT Stuff to do in… Faringdon!

Who does this best suit?

This booklet is ideal for 13-19 year olds who are interested in getting involved in an activity.  This could be because they are either bored or are spending too much time on technology.

What activities do they offer?

This organisation has found a wide range of activities from coding to choirs to sport clubs all based in Faringdon. The booklet makes it extra easy to take part in activities as they provide you with all the information you need in a clear layout.

Why should you take part in an activity?

Joining an activity is a fun way to make more friends through doing what you love. Also it will improve your health by encouraging brain activity and turning negativity into creativity. If you have any problems taking part in an activity, for example finding the right time, then this booklet helps you work these issues out.

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Stuff to do in Faringdon

Anysha Kazi - Work Experience Student

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