Takeover Day – Oxfordshire County Council – 20th November, 2015

Hollie at a desk
27 November 2015
Meet Hollie, Chair of the Children in Care Council, who ‘tookover’ my role today as Engagement Officer for the Children in Care Council.


What did Hollie do?

Co-Designed, with a looked after child,  the Festive Meal invite for Children in Care and put a ‘Design a Children in Care Council Logo’ competition on Facebook and OXME (Oxfordshire County Council website for children and young people).


Hollie also started a conversation with children and young people about ‘better communication’ with their carer’s and the professionals who work with them. This follows issues raised in recent surveys of children and young people and is an item of the Pledge to those in care. The same question has been asked of professionals and carer’s and ‘Guidance to Better Communication’ will be drafted by Children in Care Council Chairs in the New Year.


And finally, Hollie sent an email to the Manager of Corporate Parenting suggesting Children in Care Council do a team building residential in 2016.  This follows a piece of joint working with Oxfordshire County Council Complaints and Compliments Information Team to improve self-esteem and confidence in children in care. 


“Today I took over being an Engagement Officer and I really enjoyed the opportunity to do so. I really enjoyed it because I’ve always wanted to do James’ job. I am always telling him that one day I will have his job, so it gave me a chance to see what he does and what I hopefully can take over one day. Today has been epic and has shown me what exactly I would enjoy doing in the future. It’s really important that young people get the opportunity to take part in Takeover Day as it gives them opportunities and sheds light upon young people.” - Hollie


“I enjoyed having Hollie in the office today doing my job. What’s exciting for me is not only having a young person doing my job, but tasks which you talk about doing for so long, actually get done!  It’s that dynamic, proactive enthusiasm that has shown through for me today. Four tasks to do and all done. Well done Hollie – you’re a star”. - James Collins - Engagement Officer.


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