Youthwatch Oxfordshire 16-24

School Health Nurse
22 May 2018
YouthWatch Oxfordshire empowers young people to have their voice heard and enables them to shape and improve health and social care

Giving feedback takes minutes, but the impact could last a lifetime!

If you're a young person  aged 16-24 who uses health or social care in Oxfordshire, then you can have your voice heard with Youthwatch Oxfordshire.  

Young people’s needs are often different to what older people need from health and social care services. The best ways to provide services might also be different. The input of the children and young people using these services helps shape these services into what children and young people want and need.

Get involved

Healthwatch Oxfordshire are currently developing YouthWatch Oxtordshire. If you're aged 16-24 and passionate about improving healthcare for young people, you can get involved by contacting Jeanne Humber.

The vision for YouthWatch Oxfordshire

  • A way for people aged 11 to 25 years to share their experiences
  • Enabling young people’s voices to be heard
  • For young people to feel empowered and able to shape their healthcare
  • For young people to understand the health and social care system and be able to use it well.

Other ways to get involved:

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