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Care Leaver Jo has big ambitions
4 December 2017
A late-blooming passion for music and the stability of a loving foster home have transformed a shy Oxfordshire teenager into a performer at home on the nation’s most famous stage
Takeover Day 2017
28 November 2017
Every Year, the Takeover Challenge challenges organisations which work with young people to let young people take over the service for the day. This year, oxme was taken over by James
22 November 2017
We have some exciting news for you, thousands of higher apprenticeships have just been announced!
14 November 2017
Are you ready to make a difference? The theme for Anti-Bullying Week this year is “All different, All equal”. To celebrate, the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board are holding two different Anti-Bullying competitions and they want you to get involved!
Young engineering apprentice
1 November 2017
Robots, faster cars, better tunes, a cleaner environment, and making water flow uphill: what have they got in common? Engineering!
24 October 2017
Are you ready to get involved in Anti-Bullying Week 2017 and help #stopbullying for good?
19 October 2017
Autumn's full of fun; think about safety when it's dark, wet and cold and feel confident about your choices when you are out and about.
School Health Nurse
11 October 2017
Share your opinions about the school health nurse service in Oxfordshire, and help make the service work best for all young people
9 October 2017
Come along to Banbury Literary Live’s 5th year, on Sunday 15th October 2017. The whole day event is about bringing the community together and igniting their passion for literature, music and arts.
5 October 2017
Are you aged between 16–24 and living in Oxfordshire? You can order a free, confidential home Chlamydia test.
A group of young teens in school uniform walk home from school
2 October 2017
Fewer young people walk to school now than ever, but Living Streets is out to help change our habits. Will you join the challenge?
Bus worker quitting smoking for Stoptober kicking a football
28 September 2017
There's never been a better time to quit smoking - whether you've tried stopping before or only just started
Young woman sat in front of a crumbling brick wall
12 September 2017
In Oxfordshire, most young people are stay in learning until they are 18 at school, college or in an apprenticeship. But if you're not in learning (NIL) or not in employment education or training (NEET) act now to get support.
31 August 2017
Scott Kelly, who is a retired astronaut will be coming to Oxford to speak to you!
22 August 2017
Did you not get the results that you needed to get into Sixth Form or College? Don’t worry EMBS are here to help you.