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Stoptober 2016
3 October 2016
Stop for 28 days and you're five times more likely to quit for good!
A group of young teens in school uniform walk home from school
30 September 2016
Everyone has the right to feel safe when they are out and about, but you can also take steps to make yourself feel safer
Young people on a high ropes activity
22 September 2016
Challenge yourself this autumn with the amazing, once-in-a-lifetime NCS Autumn programme, full of excitement, adventure and the chance to make new friends, link up with your local community and more.
Tracking letter sent out to young people in Oxfordshire
16 September 2016
Every September, Oxfordshire County Council contacts all young people aged 16-19 to check they are receiving the learning they are entitled to; if you've recently had a letter, text or email from us, please respond as soon as possible!
Sexual Health Week 2016
12 September 2016
Raising awareness about where to test, encouraging condom use and busting some common myths.
16 August 2016
Oxfordshire Apprenticeships is calling everyone interested in Apprenticeships to visit their Apprenticeship surgeries
Find Your Fire
27 July 2016
Find your Fire is a ten month Youth Leadership Development programme for 14-19s in Oxford
Blackbird Leys Gateway Learning Poster
21 July 2016
Get your future back on track... get skills, get confidence, get qualified.
Pegasus Theatre Logo
24 June 2016
A play exploring the issues of self-harm has raised awareness for over 5000 young people in Oxfordshire.
Faringdon guides
21 June 2016
The booklet Stuff for Young People to Do in… Faringdon! makes looking for activities much easier for young people looking for stuff to do in Faringdon
Still from the Be kind to your Digital Self Animation
14 June 2016
The Digital Wildfire Project is an Oxford University Project which looks at how misinformation spreads on the internet. They also work with schools to increase awareness of digital risks and responsibilities.
Staying healthy and happpy
13 June 2016
The Safety C Card provides people under 25 in Oxfordshire with free condoms and sexual health advice. If you're a young person in Oxfordshire we want to hear what you think about the service
empty bus
8 June 2016
A chance to have your artwork showcased across Oxfordshire and win £500 with Stagecoach.
A young person's hands with a robot hand
25 May 2016
12-15, female, and love inventing and creating? You've got the chance to win tickets to Science Oxford's Creative Computing club!
25 May 2016
Study Higher is holding a 3-day residential for young carers in Year 10 and 11 from 29th June to 1st July 2016.