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30 November 2017
Age required: 
Opportunity type: 
Training providers

Contact and apply for an apprenticeship advertised here. Apprenticeships include business, construction, plumbing, childcare-early years, hospitality catering, IT, motor vehicle, classic car restoration, classic engineering, equine, hairdressing, animal care, and floristry.


Various depending on the type and level of the Apprenticeship.


Intermediate & Advanced Apprenticeships. You'll gain functional skills in English, Maths, ICT, Employee Rights & Responsibilities, Personal Learning & Thinking Skills.

How to apply: 

Other pathways: Hospitality catering, IT, motor vehicle, classic car restoration, animal care, and floristry. Level 2/3 diploma in your chosen industry. Contact Activate Enterprise 01865 551 015 email, visit the Facebook page, or find out more at the website.

Varies between employers and industries
Working hours: 
Minimum of 30 hours a week both in your jobs and college.

Opportunity provider:

Activate Enterprise
City of Oxford College- Blackbird Leys Campus
Cuddesdon Way
Charlotte Swan
01865 551015
Further information: 

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It's really great that your son is starting to think about his next steps now. If your son has not already done so, he should register with the apprenticeship finder - this will keep him up to date with current vacancies. Some firms and schemes will take early expressions of interest or application, but others may ask the applicant to wait until after you have completed the school year. He should also sign up to receive our Hot Jobs newsletter, which lists local opportunities, and look at the apprenticeships offered by local providers like Activate Learning and Abingdon & Witney College. If your son already has a company identified that he wants to work for, but that firm is not yet offering apprenticeships, Activate, Abingdon & Witney and Oxfordshire Apprenticeships can all help organisations set up apprenticeships. Another local provider offering plumbing apprenticeships is JTL, and some vacancies are advertised directly, for example by housing associations and councils. Best of luck with the job search, and do let us know when your gets an apprenticeship via update your details on this site.

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