Music Recording and Live Performance Opportunities

Oxford, Headington and Wheatley
Closing date: 
31 December 2017
Age required: 
Opportunity type: 
Personal development

The youth music project offers young people from 11-19 opportunities to develop through music making. Young people gain experience through recording, performance and workshops. We work with a wide range of young people, and particularly aim to reach out to those who may not otherwise have access to these opportunities.

The Ark T Music Project has a high quality recording studio with all the latest equipment to facilitate recording tracks and creating videos and it's all for free. 


None required


Hannah and Rory work with bands, lyricist, MCs, rappers, singer song writers and anyone else with an interest in music and can work with you to produce the best track and get the best sound.   

How to apply: 

There's also OXX a project especially for young women to record in the studio & go to gigs & meet women in the music industry. If you would like to perform, get in touch. Rory Campbell & Hannah Bruce on 07588 456128 or email 

Opportunity provider:

Ark T Centre
Crowell Road
01865 396 778


Hi I was wondering wether this is still available and wether I could do this as a sort of apprenticeship or a job as I'm 16 I finish school this year and I'm a really keen musician I play guitar grade 6 and I really want to perform and get into the music business. So if you could please email me back it would be much appreciated. thanks very much for your time.

Hi Piers, this is an ongoing opportunity at Ark-T, but it is not a paid job or apprenticeship. It's really great to hear how keen you are on music. As you say, you can leave school at age 16, but under the rules about staying in learning longer, you should remain in learning (this can be an apprenticeship) until you are 18. There are lots of opportunities to carry on studying music until age 18 at your school or college. Many universities offer music as an option and you may wish to research music courses on offer and find out more about what qualifications you need for studying music at university. Many young people keen to enter the music business also choose to study at their local Further Education College at age 16+. This can be a great way to prepare for Higher Education music courses or a job in music, and helps you build skills and links with the music industry and learn key business skills that can support you like promotion, composition, music technology and events planning. Music is on offer at local colleges like Abingdon and Witney and City of Oxford College, or if you want to study closer to London, Amersham & Wycombe. All these colleges have open evenings at this time of year, so sign up to go to some of those where you can meet staff and see studios and equipment. Jobs and apprenticeships in music can be found with dedicated search and contact building. Now is the time to start registering with different websites like Youth Music and the Apprenticeship Finder to find out what might be available. Volunteering, getting involved in local music events and organisations and activities like setting up your own band are also valuable experience, and help with building contacts. You can also attend gigs and events; many of Oxford's music venues and gigs are accessible to young people aged 14+. Finally, good luck with your search, and your future. You can get careers information and guidance from your school or the National Careers Service

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