Synolos - Pre-16, Year 9, 10 & 11

Witney, Carterton, Chipping Norton, Burford, Eynsham and Woodstock
Closing date: 
31 December 2018
Age required: 
Opportunity type: 
Entry level courses

Our Pre 16 Training Courses - The Benefits of KS3 and KS4 Vocational Provision

Many behavioural problems in KS4 which result in disengagement and underachievement are often created and engrained within KS3. At Synolos we believe a real vocational option in KS3 will help re-engage and boost achievement by motivating vulnerable young people in a subject that allows them to excel within a learning environment that best suits their talents and interests. With the increased attention for KS4 vocational provision, it is the view of Synolos CiC that for this to be fully successful in the long term there must be effective and efficient training in KS3. For example, a student may study Geography or other traditional subjects throughout KS3 for 3 years. However, it's difficult for some students at the start of their vocational training in KS4 to pick up and apply the required skills. Therefore time is wasted on basic activities which could have been addressed in KS3. Having a programme in KS3 will increase the skill levels at KS4 and for post compulsory education and training, while also increasing the skill level of the trainee workforce and beyond.

Currently Synolos offers the following courses for pre 16students:

- Carpentry/Furniture Making
- Photography/Media
- Child Care/Health and social careThis programme offers year 9s, 10s and 11s the opportunity to study a wood based trade, they will be involved in a practical setting learning the basics of the trade.


Ability to work at Entry Level 3 or Level 1.

Year 9, 10 or 11.


 Students will work towards either Level 1 Diploma in a number of subjects. Also Pre 16 Carpentry and Furniture Making - Certificate, Child Care - Certificate, Photography & Media - Certificate

How to apply: 

Find out more visit or telephone 01993 222555 or email

Working hours: 
2 hours per week for one academic year.

Opportunity provider:

Synolos Training Solutions
Unit L-M Country Park IND EST (New building)
Avenue 2 Station Lane
OX28 4YD
Barry Ingleton
01993 222555

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