Call out all young carers in Oxford

Young Carer looking after her sister
3 May 2018
Be Free YC, the charity for young carers, wants to hear from everyone who is a young carer in Oxford for a new piece of research with Healthwatch Oxfordshire

Be Free YC, the charity for Young Carers in Oxfordshire, is linking up with Healthwatch Oxfordshire to research life and support available for young carers in Oxfordshire.

They are especially interested finding out:

  1. The overall number of young carers in Oxford city;
  2. The level of support available to them.

So they need to hear from absolutely everybody who is a young carer in Oxford.

Call out to Parents, Schools and Groups 

If any schools or other organisations have young carer support, either through groups or other kinds of support, Be Free YC also wants to hear from you.

Your parents can also fill in a questionnaire about your being a young carers.

The research will influence, and could help design, future young carers’ support in the Oxford. A joint Be Free YC, Healthwatch Oxfordshire report on the findings will be published later this year. To respect your privacy, names are not requested and your responses will not be made identifiable to you in published findings.

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