The Decameron Revisited

The Decameron Revisited flier
10 September 2020
A new online storytelling project from the theatre company 6FootStories.

What is the project about?

6FootStories are on a mission to collect 100 story videos from 100 participants around the country. The Decameron Revisited is an ambitious online project inspired by the Italian medieval classic 'The Decameron', in which a group of people pass the time by telling stories.

How will the project run?

The project will run through a series of three online workshops where you can learn how to create your own video story. All you will need is access to Zoom, something to write with, something to record yourself with (a phone camera is fine), and of course your own boundless creativity!

How do I register?

It's super easy to register, all you have to do is visit 6FootStories and enter your details.

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