Library Lates - 200 Years of Frankenstein - it's alive!

12 Oct 2018 7:00pm to 10:00pm
The Weston Library is open late with hands-on activities, a Living Library of friendly experts, an exhibition and a talk.

Explore creation and the building blocks of life, with a mix of cutting-edge science and Gothic literature.

Start from Mary Shelley's handwritten draft of Frankenstein, or a modern performance inspired by the novel, then manipulate life in a virtual reality embryonic experiment. Grind up ancient genetic modifications with archaeologists or learn how to stitch a repair in sheepskin parchment. See the real components of life on the nanoscale, make pages of a collaborative Frankenzine, or start a conversation with a real life book in the Living Library. Discover 1818 + 200: it's alive!

Booking advised.

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