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Have you ever wanted to do photography, video and film ?
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Everyone has seen or taken a photo, video and film. But what exactly are they? Photography is the art or practice of taking and processing photographs. Video is a recording of moving visual images made digitally or on videotape. Film is a story or event recorded by a camera as a set of moving images and shown in a cinema or on television.

There are many advantages to taking up photography, video and film for example:

  • You can build positive feelings and confidence
  • You can meet and see friends
  • You can improve your socials and leadership skills

How can I enjoy photography?

There are many ways you can enjoy photography for example looking at pictures online. Instagram is a great way to share photos you’ve have taken and follow photography accounts. In addition, you can go to galleries such as Modern Art Oxford and The Ashmolean Museum.

Take action – find local photography clubs on the Activities Oxfordshire website

If you don't have confidence about taking photos,there are lots of places you can get tips and information. In this video they talk about tricks you should know before taking a photo.

How can you enjoy video?

You can enjoy videos by making your own and watching them on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Take action – why not get your friends together and make your own short video? 

If you are already making videos, you might want to set up a Youtube channel. In this video YouTubers talk about how to make a YouTube channel of your own.

How can you enjoy film?

You can enjoy films by going to the cinema to watching them. You can go on your own, or with friends and family.

Local cinemas

There are lots of local cinemas, including:

Types of film genres

People usually prefer one genre to others but it is good idea to go outside of your favorite genre. 

There are more than 20 different film genres including

  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Action
  • Romance
  • Animation

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by visiting Activities Oxfordshire to see all the activities involving photography, video and film.

What do can I do if these options are too expensive?

You can make video and take photos on any phone camera. There are many online tutorials covering help for variety of film types, photography tips, animation,special effects and more.

Experience – My experience with photography, video and film is I mostly take photos when I’m on holiday of the landscape and views as I don’t have a lot of time on an everyday bases. Last summer I went on a PGL summer film course for a week where I learnt the basics of film and sound recording, performing, and scriptwriting; and how to use sound effects, visual effects and music.

Work Experience student - Lucy Paintin

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