Gaming is playing games on the TV, phone, computer or consoles like PS4 or the Nintendo switch.
Two boys playing computer games

Games are videos that you can control. This is controlled by a controller on the console or device. You watch and play the video games on the television/monitor/screen. With playing games, it is an activity on using skills to play. This can be any games from kid’s games to first person shooters (FPS).

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Why do people play games?

People enjoy video games because it is an escape from reality and life. This gives people the enjoyment of playing as a different figure in an unusual atmosphere.

Another reason why people like video games is the feeling of accomplishment in a video game. This is the most important feeling to a gamer as it makes them feel like they are important, and makes them satisfied on completing an objective that they have had numerous tries on. To many gamers, it will give the desire to keep playing. This is the feeling of beating a challenge.

Some research suggests that video games can be good for you, or even make you smarter.

Are there health risks for gaming?

Gaming is all for the enjoyment on having fun. However it can be a risk towards your health and your brain. Studies from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that people can get addicted from too much time on video games. This can affect them by them being tired and through lack of attention in school or at work.

Another health risk is not getting enough exercise when playing games. You should keep balance on how much you play and how much exercise you do. This will help you keep fit whist you can enjoy playing video games.

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Are there benefits in gaming?

One benefit from gaming that it will reduce stress. This would mean that you will more calm and more relaxed. It will also make you happier.

Another benefit for gaming that you will most likely find new social connections with other people. You can meet in-game or online which can help many people that are isolated. However, there are risk such as meeting trolls online which can make your gaming experience not fun and exciting when they can insult you and keep angering you.

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With this, another way gaming benefits people is that it may slow down the aging process. Studies from the University of Iowa showed playing brain teaser games for 2 hours a week may help the natural aging process go slower. This can give more elderly people more time to spend time with family and do other activities. There is also some evidence that some kinds of games can help children with studying and learning.

Tips on gaming

With starting gaming, you should

  • Always be calm and relaxed when playing games
  • Always be careful on how much you play. This should be 3 hours per day at most (less if you are younger).
  • Learn the controls for the game to get better at the game, by looking online to learn about the controls by looking at YouTube videos or googling it.

How to play games

People play games by using a controller and a device which is called a console. These operate the game. There are lots of different kinds of consoles.

Phone gaming is a portable way to game when you are moving around to different places. With phone gaming, the controllers are your fingertips, the buttons and touchscreen on your phone. A phone can run games that are easy to run, but some can be difficult to make work. Augmented reality games on phones use the camera to put the game into real life. 

For PC gaming you need to have a computer that can run games well, and it should have the right software to run a game that you like. Prices for games range from free to very high.

For all games you can also purchase micro transactions (in game purchases) which is where you buy online items in the game to make your gaming experience better with buying better gear or a better base.

Take care: Small purchases in games can add up fast. 

Different places to game

You can do gaming in all sorts of different places: 

  • Cafes that have computers
  • Gaming on smart phone which can run many games
  • Gaming at home, console gaming
  • Gaming on portable which can be a phone or a portable device like the new handheld the ‘Nintendo switch’.

Experience: My experience on gaming is that I find gaming a way to relax and an escape reality that could last me hours of enjoyment. This can be any genre of gaming such as first person shooters(FPS) to battle royal. Either way it gets my heart pulsing and makes my face sweat because of how nerve-racking it is when it is a PvP situation. This gives me the excitement of going back to playing or playing for more hours which will make me satisfied of winning. However, as I will go back to gaming occasionally when I’m a fully grown adult. This would mean I would go on a console less than usual.

By Work Experience Student Zaheed Rahman

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