Anti-Bullying Week 2020

This years Anti-Bullying Week takes place from Monday 16th-Friday 20th November and this years theme is United Against Bullying.

This years theme is 'United Against Bullying' and is focused on coming together to make a positive difference on bullying, and although it may seem like it's a small thing to worry about, your mental health matters, especially when are people are stressed. 

Would you like to get involved?

You can get involved with this years Anti-Bullying Week on social media by using #AntiBullyingWeek and #UnitedAgainsBullying. You can also enter the Odd Socks Day competition

What is bullying and why do people become bullies?

Bullying is when someone is purposely unkind to somebody else, often more than once or over a long period of time. There are many different forms of bullying, including physical, verbal and cyber-bullying (online) - it's important to remember that none of these are acceptable. There are different reasons as to why somebody might be bully somebody - they might have problems at home, be unhappy or think that they can get away with bullying somebody. 

Finding support:

If you're being bullied there is lots of support available to you:

  • Talk to somebody you trust, such as a teacher or parent
  • Tell a friend
  • Call Childline on 0800 1111
  • Don't fight back or respond to abusive messages.

There are also lots of places online where you can access support, including:

Don't forget that looking after your own mental health, and helping your friends and schoolmates, has never been more important. - There is lots of mental health support available.

This short video from the Anti-Bullying Alliance explores this years #AntiBullyingWeek theme.

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