Careers in Childcare

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Interested in a career in childcare?

Whether you are studying childcare at college or keen to move directly into an apprenticeship, there are lots of opportunities in Oxfordshire to start your career in childcare.

Take action: Find out more about Childcare and Early Education Job Opportunities in Oxfordshire by speaking to your Job Centre Work Coach or EET Worker.

Apprenticeships in childcare

There are lots of opportunities to start your careers in childcare in Oxfordshire. Many young people choose an apprenticeship as a way to start earning and gain qualifications.  

Take action: Explore local childcare apprenticeships and sign up to the oxme Hot Jobs newsletter.

Why a career in childcare?

Working with children is more than just a job – it’s your chance to make a real difference.

This is a dynamic and expanding sector. There are jobs at every level, and great opportunities to get training, gain qualifications and develop your career.

Take action: Find out what a career in childcare has to offer, and explore the different jobs within childcare on the Oxfordshire County Council website.

Starting a career in childcare

Young people aged 16-18 should be in learning. But that does not mean that you can't have a job. An apprenticeship combines learning with earning. 

Have you seen our poster? Download this PDF poster to find out more about local careers in childcare.

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