Do you have what it takes to Redesign Digiduck’s Front Cover?

What do you think?
For Share-a-Story Month Childnet International are inviting you to get creative by entering their design competition! The theme this year is “Picture a Story” which aims to celebrate the power of illustrations!

What is Digiduck’s Big Decision?

Digiduck’s Big Decision is Childnet’s first picture book. Digiduck receives a picture, anonymously online, of one of his closest friends but it’s been changed to make it look funny. Without spoiling the end for you, Digiduck is given the opportunity to look into the future, and see what will happen if he shares the photo online… He then has an important decision to make!

Now it's over to you! After reading the story you have until the end of May to illustrate your own front cover for Digiduck’s Big Decision!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Read Digiduck’s Big Decision and decide how your front cover will best reflect the story. Make your cover eye-catching and decide which characters will be on your cover! Remember to include the book’s title as part of your design.
  • Either hand draw your entry or create it digitally e.g. in MS Paint, or equivalent programme. Hand drawn entries (after scanning) and digital pictures must be saved as a JPEG, PNG or PDF, before being emailed.
  • Your illustration MUST be completely original! Please do not use any photos or images found online, or any illustrations from the story.
  • For each entry that is submitted, please provide the child’s first name, age, and a parent or teacher’s contact email address.
  • Email your entries to and a winner will be selected during half term

What are you waiting for?

Get creative and get the chance to receive a signed copy of Digiduck’s Big Decision! Winning entries will also have their front cover displayed on Childnet’s website and their Social Media Platforms too!

Hurry, the competition closes on Wednesday 31 May!

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