Do you know what Activities Oxfordshire is?

Young people playing basketball
Activities Oxfordshire is a website that allows you to see what’s going on in Oxfordshire currently, find out more about featured activities, and most importantly explore the different types of activities available locally.

Activities Oxfordshire offers a range of different activities for young people, aged 13-19 and up to 25 (for people with learning difficulties). There is something for everyone as there is a variety of activities that focus on different interest.

There are activities ranging from educational courses and careers to dance and theatre! If you have an interest in editing and you are creative, then there are clubs that are about media and films, but if you like to socially interact with people, then there are a lot of youth clubs and charity groups available. The sports and fitness clubs are also available in a wide number of places locally and they offer different sports like fencing, swimming and athletics.

Why are activities good for you?

Taking part in any type of activity is very beneficial for you and your body. They help contribute to your health and wellbeing. Sports and fitness activities keep you fit and healthy. Youth clubs and theatre clubs build confidence which can help to boost your mental health. Art and educational clubs create a calming environment which is also good for your mental health.

Any type of activity is great for young people as they have a chance to forget school stress for a while, make friends and relax. Too much stress can discourage education in a young person, so the aim of an activity is to reduce the stress levels in young people and teach them how to have an equal balance of studying and rewinding.

Get started

Making an impact to your body using activities is very easy, and you can start today. All you need to do is head over to Activities Oxfordshire to find the best activity for you!

Make sure you’re also following us on our social media accounts, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where you can see photos of activities and send in any photos yourself.

By Work Experience Student

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