Find out about Careers in Sport and Leisure on Oxme

Young people playing basketball
Check out this new page on Oxme which tells you all about Careers in Sports and Leisure

Jobs in Sports and Leisure are a great opportunity as there is a huge range of job choices that you can chose from in the Sports Industry. The varieties of jobs held in Sport is endless, it can be for sporty and non-sporty people with a spread of different jobs that are physical or non-physical.

Young people can express their passion for sport by helping out in Primary Schools and teaching there or using their technology skills and making websites and webpages that attract people to look at the site.

There is a new webpage on Oxme which holds information about Careers in Sport and Leisure. It describe the many different aspects of working in Sports and Leisure, how you can get into it and the range of different routes you can take in Sports and Leisure.

The webpage Careers in Sports and Leisure can help young people apply for apprenticeships and look at different colleges and universities around Oxfordshire with courses to do with Sports and Leisure.

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