Getting the right amount of sleep

Information and tips to help you get the right amount of sleep.

The University of Oxford recently carried out their OxWell survey, which revealed that more than 1 in 5 students in years 5-13 are too worried to sleep. Sleep is an essential part of everyday life. It's something we all need to keep healthy and happy, and to help us concentrate. 

How much sleep do I need?

It is recommended that young people should get between  8-10 hours of sleep each night. But the need for sleep changes, and if you are learning a lot, or growing a lot, you may find you need more sleep.

How can I improve my sleep?

After finding out the results of their survey, The University of Oxford have put together some simple tips to help you improve your sleep.

  • Try reading or doing something offline in the hour before going to bed
  • Avoid daytime naps, and keep a regular sleep schedule
  • Try to do some exercise in the day 
  • Create a calming atmosphere by playing soft music or white noise

Find out more about the importance of sleep, including more ways to improve your sleep with our Anxiety and Sleep page.

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