Just Say Know... the facts about drugs

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Don’t rely on rumours - get the facts from Oxfordshire’s specialist young person's drugs and alcohol support service Aquarius.

When it comes to drugs, everyone has an opinion. It can be hard to tell who to trust.

This July, workers from Oxfordshire’s Aquarius team – a specialist team that supports young people affected by substance misuse (their own or someone else's) – to give us the real facts on three of the riskier drugs that are around this summer.

MDMA (Ecstasy) Ketamine and Xanax

​When it comes to these three drugs that are in the news this summer, it is important to remember that everybody is different.

  • The effects of a drug will not be the same for everybody
  • Your state of mind and/or physical health will affect the way you react to any drug
  • Risks are higher for young people
  • Be aware of yourself and people around you
  • Stay safe - stick to places you know and be with good friends you trust

Aquarius have made pocket-guides to help you stay safe this summer -- you can print them out in black-and-white or colour to carry with you:

The safest way is not to use any drug at all.

Just say know!

Questions or concerns about your drug use, or someone you know?

Aquarius provide confidential information and support to young people in Oxfordshire.

Contact Aquarius on 07950 301426 or use the links below:

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