Our own apprentice wins Freemen of Oxford Award

Natasha and Jeremy Day her manager with their certificates
Our former apprentice, Natasha Dhillon has received a Freemen of Oxford Apprenticeship Award for her outstanding accomplishment as an apprentice for Oxfordshire County Council

We are pleased and proud to report that our former apprentice, Natasha Dhillon, was awarded a prestigious Freemen of Oxford Apprenticeship award in the category of Social Media and Digital Marketing. The Freemen of Oxford are a craft guild organisation which dates back to medieval Oxford, and the promotion and encouragement of apprenticeships has been central to their organisation for centuries.

Each year they award prizes and recognition those apprentices who live, work, or study in the City of Oxford, and who have most distinguished themselves during their apprenticeships, from names submitted by Oxford’s training providers or Local employers.

The awards were celebrated at a ceremony attended by the senior Freemen of Oxford and Mohammed Altaf-Khan, High Sheriff of Oxford, who presented the winning apprentices with their awards.

Each employer or training provider nominating got to write a statement about why their apprentice deserved the award. This is from the statement made by Jeremy Day, Digital Safeguarding Lead for Oxfordshire County Council Family Support Service and Natasha's manager:

From the outset she was an enthusiastic and diligent worker, happy to put in extra time and effort to keep on top of our social media presences, develop new content and run marketing campaigns. She was instrumental in improving our analytical work, introduced new weekly campaigns for our social media presences, and oversaw a successful campaign promoting careers in construction for young people. She formed positive links with local and national organisations working to improve the opportunities, activities and health information available to young people in Oxfordshire; she worked very hard to complete her NVQ work; and she did all this while maintaining a bright, positive and cheerful outlook.


Throughout the year, Natasha’s positivity and cheerfulness has been the perfect voice for promoting our service, which reaches out to young people who have difficulties in their lives encouraging them to stay in learning, progress to their first job, higher education or an apprenticeship and to engage in activities and behaviours which support their wellbeing. She took time to analyse the data, so our campaigns could run at the best times. She was careful with checking content and reporting concerns. She was always happy to learn and take on responsibility.


Natasha is also quite modest, and I am sure she is feeling some embarrassment at reading this, and wondering if she really deserves this nomination. I would like to reassure her that she does, and I am very happy to make it.

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