Results Day 2017 - get sorted for September!

Young people getting their results
Congratulations to everyone getting results this August. No matter what your results are, there is plenty of support and information available, and if you're aged 16-17 there's a place in learning for you - guaranteed.

On 17th August and 24th August, tens of thousands of young people all over Oxfordshire will be collecting their exam results. It's a day of excitement for everyone, and we wish everyone the best. Schools and colleges across the county will be opening their doors to make sure young people get the best information on and after the day.

No matter what your results are, there's no need to panic. You can get support from your school, colleges and right here on this website. And for anyone aged 16 or 17 there's a place in learning - guaranteed.

Get started:

  1. Download our Results Day Flier
  2. Check out for information, next steps and more

Work Experience Student Jacob is working on the Oxme team during results week, and picking up his results this week. He has this advice to share with other young people getting their results:

"I think it’s important not to panic if it doesn't go well – you get some people who just panic, and it’s a not a helpful mentality to have. An important way to think about it is to plan for all eventualities, and to think about that before you get your results not after. Like if you are hoping to go to university, make sure you have a plan whatever your grades are."

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