Safe! Stories - helping young people in the virtual and real worlds

cartoon image from the homepage of the safe stories website
Safe Stories, a new website from charity SAFE, allows young people to see real life issues of technology through the stories of four people created by young people

Safe stories is a new website for young people in Oxfordshire. It follows the stories of Maddie, Mitchell, Katie and Jessica. Although they are not real people, they are experiencing problems that many young people experience. They were based on the experiences of young people supported by SAFE! - a local charity which helps young people.

When young people experience problems like being bullied, or victimised online it can have a big impact on both them and their families. SAFE! supports young people to recover from problems ranging from bullying to witnessing domestic violence, problems that no one should go through alone. They offer one-to-one conversations with friendly and helpful supporters who understand and can help you through anything you want to talk about both in and out of school.

Safe Stories was designed to help young people with mobile and internet issues, such as cyber bullying, managing friendships online and knowing when to ask for help. Following the stories inspired by young people helped by SAFE gives young people a chance to see that they are not alone and that there is always someone to talk to – no matter who you are or what your issue is.

By Theo, work experience student

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