Sexual Health Week 2023

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Feel safe and empowered for Sexual Health Week 2023

This week is Sexual Health Week and the theme this year is 'Playing It Safe'.

Being safe means feeling empowered. Being safe means understanding consent and healthy relationships. 

Find out more about Sexual Health Week 2023.

Crucial: Your School or College Health Nurse can talk to you about sexual health, emotional wellbeing, and practical things like contraception, including emergency contraception and access to condoms via the the Safety C-Card scheme

School Health Nurse Service can help you!

All children and young people in Oxfordshire can get support from the School Health Nurse Service, even if they are home educated, NEET or out of learning, or educated otherwise.

You can talk to your School or College Health Nurse about any health concerns. This includes things like sexual health, contraception, and wellbeing. 

If you've started at a new school or college this autumn, make sure to find out how find and talk to your School Health Nurse. 

Good to know: Anything you tell the nurse is confidential unless it is something that puts you or others at risk.

Wellbeing and healthy choices

Your School or College Health Nurse can also offer support and information on promoting healthy lifestyles, emotional wellbeing, substance misuse, and managing health concerns. 

If you need to access the School Health Nurse Service, you can ask at your place of learning or by the Chat Health Service (support via text message). 

Take Action: Find out more about the Oxfordshire School Health Nurse Service.

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