Staying safe this summer

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Information and tips to help keep you safe whilst enjoying your summer

Summer is almost here, which means it's time to remind yourself of how to keep yourself during the summer, to help you stay safe and have a great summer.

When you are out and about it's important to tell somebody where you will be and when you will be back. It's also a good idea to plan your route and carry a charged mobile. 

Sun safety:

When it's sunny and warm outside it can be tempting to spend time outdoors and make the most of the nice weather, but you should know how to keep yourself safe whilst doing this

  • Apply a sunscreen with an SPF you need and apply often
  • Try to avoid the sun between 11am-3pm - seek shade to protect yourself 
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, and loose fitting clothes to keep you cool
  • Stay hydrated 

Good to know: Painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen, and after-sun lotion will help ease sunburn pain. But if you feel unwell or the skin swells badly or blisters seek medical help.

River safety:

During the summer, waterways become popular places to hang out with friends and cool off. But there are dangers to this so it's important you know how to stay safe.

  • Never enter the water alone
  • Only enter the water if the weather is warm and it's safe to do so
  • Look out for friends and make sure everybody is ok
  • Make sure you can get help and have access to safety equipment.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs as these make accidents more likely

Festival safety

Festival are very popular during the summer and are a great way to have fun with friends and enjoy music. But it's important to know how to keep yourself and others safe.

  • Follow all safety guidelines during the event
  • Check-in with the people you're with to make sure everybody is ok
  • Make sure you know where to find help 
  • Have a meeting point in case you get lost or lose your friends

Instant expert: Find more information and tips from Festival Safe on how to stay safe whilst at festivals. 

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