Smiling woman snapping a cigarette in two
Explore the benefits of quitting smoking this Stoptober.

Most people don't smoke. But if you do, stoptober is the perfect time to quit. Smoking is bad for your health, addictive and expensive. Most young people who smoke want to give up. Help is available to help everyone quit smoking successfully. The NHS have lots of information useful information on Stoptober, including what support is available to help you quit.

Did you know: the benefits of stopping smoking start just after 20 minutes? Explore the benefits of stopping smoking with Stop for Life Oxon.

How can I stop smoking? 

Here is a step by step guide on how you can quit smoking:

  1. Decide to stop smoking and set a date.
  2. Get your support in place - tell supportive friends and family members.
  3. Get professional help - download the app, call the helpline or talk to your GP.
  4. Calculate how much money you will save, and decide what you will spend it on.
  5. Stop smoking and stick to your plan!

Is there available?

Yes - there is lots of support available! You can:

Most young people who start smoking quit successfully. Many report that it helps their mental health, too. Not starting smoking in the first place is the best thing for your health. But if you have started smoking improve your health for good and stop smoking this Stoptober.

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