Topaz online groups for young LGBTQI people

TOPAZ online LGBTQI youth group flier 2020
Oxfordshire's supportive, accessible and inclusive group for young people who are LGBTQI is available online to help you get friendship and support

Topaz is Oxfordshire's support group for young people who are LGBTQI. There are usually physical meet-ups, but at the moment coronavirus restrictions make this hard. But you can still meet up online. There are groups for young people, and also for parents/carers.

Young people and their parents and carers can get in touch with to talk to the organisers, find out more about the project and get invites to the Topaz Discord, which is the online space where the meetings take place.

About Topaz

Topaz is a Oxfordshire county project and is a collection of people who run groups with and for young people who would like a safe space to explore their feelings and gain a better understanding of themself. Particularly those young people (13-18) who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender. This group is also for people who are unsure about their sexuality and may be questioning it. Friends of young people are also welcome at their first couple of meetings for support. Space is also provided for parents and carers to meet up.

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