What's it like being a social media apprentice?

Social Media Apprentice Natasha
On the approach to results day, Natasha, who is a social media apprentice with the Oxme website, ran an online chat about apprenticeship opportunities and her experience as an apprentice.

What is your role as a social media apprentice?

My role is to update our social media platforms on a regular basis and try to improve engagement through our social media channels. I also write articles and do general things on the website, such as adding job opportunities.

What did your online chat involve?

It involved asking people if they wanted any advice about apprenticeships on the lead up to results day. I got one question where I had to help a mother of a girl who wanted to take a similar apprenticeship to me, so I gave here the different routes available to her daughter, in order to pursue her future career.

How do you think that your role is positively influencing people?

This role positively influences people because it allows you to raise awareness of important factors and topics. For example you can update people about apprenticeship opportunities. It also allows you to engage with a wide range of audiences.

Why do you think that communicating with people through social media is important?

People use social media on a daily basis, particularly young people, so it is important for us to use social media to engage with young people.

What advice would you give to others thinking about a similar apprenticeship?

I enjoyed taking media at school, which gave me a broad understanding of the subject. I would recommend that people take it as a GCSE and A-level. I would recommend people take an apprenticeship because it allows you to put a foot onto the career ladder, and gain experience and a qualification. In the online chat, I also advised that people look at our Oxme opportunities page, which has the latest apprenticeship opportunities.

Interview by Jacob Starr, Work Experience Student

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