Youth in Lockdown

youth in oxfordshire
A youth project to find out more about how you're spending lockdown.

If you're a young person living in Oxfordshire (aged between 13-25) Oxfordshire Discovery College want to hear from you! They want to know what your experience of lockdown and the pandemic is, through a creative way.

What can I create?

There are lots of different way that you can express your experience of lockdown visually. You could:

  • Produce a painting 
  • Create a sculpture or collage
  • Take photographs
  • Do some sketching
  • Write a journal, song lyrics, poem or even letters!
  • Create a short story

Is there any theme that I should focus on?

There is no theme that you should stick to but if you're stuck for ideas you could focus on:

  • You mental health
  • What you, your family or housemates are doing to pass the time
  • Your thoughts on how it's affecting the planet or community
  • Things you're noticing about where you live

How do I submit my work?

You can send your work digitally by scanning or taking a photo of your work and sending it to with 'Youth in Lockdown' in the subject. You could also send it by post to Elmore, 213 Barns Road, Oxford, OX4 3UT. Make sure to put 'FAO Discovery College: Youth in Lockdown‘ on the envelope. Please note: If you send in your work through the post it may take some extra time to be received.

What information must I include with my submission?

  • Your age
  • Roughly where in the county you live (i.e. Abingdon)
  • Any information that you'd like to about your artwork.

Visit Youth in Lockdown to find out more.

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