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Activities Oxfordshire

Activities Oxfordshire lists activities, services, clubs and other things to do and places to go for young people aged 13-19 (up to 25 with learning difficulties and disabilities).

Young people on a camping trip

Alcohol & safer drinking

Every year, young people drink less alcohol. But for some, drinking heavily and getting drunk is still a risk. Find out how to keep you, your family and your friends safe and healthy.

young man looking at a computer

A-level choices

A-level choices are both difficult and important decisions to make. But here is the information that you need to know before making your choices.

Bullying at School


Bullying isn't just a problem for young people at school. Most people are bullied at some point in their lives. But if you are bullied, you can take action.

Let's stop bullying

Anti-bullying posters

These posters and other resources were created by young people who entered the Annual Oxfordshire Anti-Bullying Week Competitions

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Anxiety and sleep

Anxiety can feel overwhelming and sleep problems can make it harder to cope with everyday life. But there is support available to improve sleep and reduce anxiety, supporting you to better health.

Girl looking after a younger, disabled sister

Are you a young carer?

Young carers look after someone at home who has extra needs, for example an illness, disability or addiction

OXME  art 2018


Why should you take part in art?

Pregnancy choices

Asking for help

Oxfordshire is a great place to grow up and be successful. But if there are problems in your life, you may need help to get the best start in life.

Young woman talking to a man

Avoiding Exclusion

Being excluded from school can have a bad impact on your learning, results and future. Find out how to stay cool at school.