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Activities Oxfordshire

Activities Oxfordshire lists activities, services, clubs and other things to do and places to go for young people aged 13-19 (up to 25 with learning difficulties and disabilities).

autumn leaves

Autumn Safety

9 September 2020 – 

Tips and information to help you stay and well this autumn.

Christmas decoration

Christmas time 2020

7 December 2020 – 

All you need to know to help you stay safe, well and happy over the festive season.

Two boys playing computer games

Coronavirus - staying healthy and happy

24 March 2020 – 

During Coronavirus restrictions we have been asked to limit travel as much as possible. Here are some of our ideas to help children and young people stay healthy and happy while being unable to leave their home.

COVID 19 Survey banner

Co-SPACE Survey

2 April 2020 – 

A survey which aims to track children and young people’s mental health throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Vaping young man

e-cigarettes and vaping

Vaping is seen by some as a safer alternative to smoking. But does the evidence suggest this is true?


Festive Season Mental Health

17 December 2019 – 

Tips and information on how to take care of your mental wellbeing and where support can be found.

Two badminton players pause during a match and high-five

Find an Activity

Taking part in regular, fun activities in your free time is good for your wellbeing, extends your social group and helps you learn.

A female doctor speaks to a young male patient

Finding a GP (Doctor)

Everyone should be registered with a local GP (Doctor) so that they can get health support and treatment.

Two boys playing computer games


Gaming is playing games on the TV, phone, computer or consoles like PS4 or the Nintendo switch.

School girl

Going back to school during the coronavirus pandemic

5 June 2020 – 

Throughout Coronavirus restrictions, most of Oxfordshire's schools stayed open for some children, including the children of key workers. Now they are opening their doors to more students, but we are far from all back yet!

Street dance session; dancers jumping

Keeping Fit

Exercise is fun and good for you – here are some more good reasons to get moving…

Girl alone

Mental Health Conditions

Mental health conditions are very common, around 1 in 4 people will experience some sort of mental health condition in their lifetime.

Male holding mug

Mental Wellbeing

Information, tips and where to access support when you're feeling down.