Results Day

Results day can feel like an anxious time. But if you plan ahead and research your options you can find a great place to study - guaranteed.
Young people getting their results

Results Days come round every August.

In 2016 A Level results day is on the 18th August and GCSE results day is on the 25th August. It can feel like you should be waiting to see how you did before taking your next step, but don't delay!

There are lots of things you can do to make sure you are 100% ready for results day - no matter how well (or badly) you did.

First steps

Before you do anything else, make sure that the basics are in place:

  1. Know how you're getting results. Going to school? Getting an email? Make sure you're in the know ASAP.
  2. Know who you can talk to if your results aren't what you hoped. Teacher at school? Local College? Helpline? Make your plans!
  3. Take action now - you don't have to wait: there are plenty of things you can do right now.

Instant Expert: Download our handy Results Day leaflet.

Think about an apprenticeship

If you're thinking about doing an apprenticeship after GCSEs or A Levels, you don't need to wait for your results. You can register, research and even apply for some opportunities - look for those accepting predicted grades.

There are apprenticeship opportunities available throughout the country from GCSE equivalent (Level 2) all the way up to Degree level (Level 4+).

Worried you won't get the grades?

Don't be worried that you won't get the grades needed to stay on for post-16 education. There's a place for everyone - guaranteed. If you can't find a place at your first choice  of school or college, ask your school for suggestions and widen your search.

You can also:

  • Talk to teachers or IAG (Careers) advisers at your school on Results Day
  • Go to open days or call enquiry lines at local Further Education Colleges.
  • Subscribe to our training bulletin Train up! to find out about all sorts of flexible training courses available in Oxfordshire.

Did you know? Around Results Day, UCAS run an exam results helpline.

Heading for a job?

If your next step is a job and you are under 18, you should make sure it is a job with training. An apprenticeship is best. Otherwise you may miss out on a chance to build skills and gain accredited, respected qualifications which will help you earn more in the future. If you are ready to start earning, take steps as for an apprenticeship (above) and then:

Ready for anything!

If you're really not sure what your next step is, or if there are difficulties which are stopping you from participating, there is flexible training and support available for young people aged 16-19 and up to 24 if you have learning difficulties or disabilities or other vulnerabilities. These include:

No matter what your results, there is space for you to keep on learning up until 18, and then progress to a suitable opportunity.

Good Luck from the Information and Opportunities Team who are also on web chat every day from 10:00am until 4pm each day and you can leave a message at other times.

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