Stay safe this summer

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Summer safety information and guidance from Canstoun Here4YOUth

As summer approaches, the excitement of holidays, parties, and outdoor activities grows. 

For teenagers, it's a season of freedom and fun, but it's also important to stay mindful of the risks associated with substance use.

Take Action: Cranstoun Here4YOUth offer confidential advice, support, and resources around substance use. 

Alcohol and substance use 

Summer break can bring increased opportunities and temptations to experiment with drugs and alcohol. While it's crucial to have fun and enjoy the season, understanding the dangers of substance use is equally important.

Alcohol and drugs can impair judgment, reduce inhibitions, and lead to risky behaviours. These effects are magnified in summer settings, such as water activities, festivals, and late-night gatherings. 

Teenagers are particularly vulnerable, as their brains are still developing, making them more susceptible to risk taking behaviours and the harmful effects of substances.

Crucial: If you or someone you know needs support or guidance regarding substance use, Cranstoun Here4YOUth is here to help.  

Download the posters

Cranstoun Here4YOUth have created lots of information posters filled with safety tips. You can download them here:

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