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Staying healthy, solving health problems, alcohol, mental health and relationships, including information for young people in care, young carers and others.

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Emergency Contraception

If your contraception has failed, you can take steps to prevent getting pregnant, find out how

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Illegal Highs

New drug-like substances are sometimes known as ‘legal highs.' But they are illegal and have serious health risks. People who buy and sell 'legal highs' are breaking the law.

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Alcohol & safer drinking

Every year, young people drink less alcohol. But for some, drinking heavily and getting drunk is still a risk.

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Condoms & Safety C-Card

The safety C-Card is a way of getting free condoms and sexual health advice for all young people aged under 25 in Oxfordshire

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Stop smoking

Every year fewer young people in the UK smoke, and more people are quitting. Find out how to get help if you, or someone you care for, is smoking.

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Stress and anxiety

Everyone feels stressed sometimes and it can be useful and motivate your mind. But if you feel too much stress, too often, and can't calm down, then there may be a problem.