Complaints & Comments

A comment or complaint is when you tell Oxfordshire County Council about something good or something that has gone wrong.

Oxfordshire County Council takes pride in providing the best possible services for you. But things are not always perfect.

If there is a problem, or if you want to tell about something good, we want to hear from you.

If something is wrong, tell us.

Something not right?

If you are a young person involved in Oxfordshire County Council’s services in any way and are unhappy with something to do with your worker, the setting you are in, or the service you receive, then you have the right to complain about it.

Act quickly to help get your issue resolved ASAP.

If you are unhappy with something...

  1. Can you talk to your worker about it? If no... 
  2. Are you able to talk to another worker about it? If no...
  3. Are you able to talk to a manager at your setting or service? If no...
  4. Are you able to talk to the manager of the service? If no...
  5. You can always contact Oxfordshire County Council's Comments and Complaints Team.

You can find out more about making complaints on the Oxfordshire County Council website, where you can also find contact details for different teams and services.

Make a formal complaint

Anyone can make a complaint to Oxfordshire County Council. You can make a complaint, and read the full complaints policy.

Complaints about this website

If you want to make a complaint about this website please fill in our  Contact Us Form. You can also use this form to suggest improvements and share your own experiences to help other young people.